Here is what KCAT students, actors, artists and families have to say

KCAT means so much to us as a family, to see our son happy is all we ever wanted for him and KCAT has given him that, he loves it and I am so happy that he is so happy


I have been here one year and it is fantastic. The teachers are great. I learned a lot for example how to express myself better. I loved the drama course


A wonderful opportunity to be part of such a fantastic team


Lovely place as a family home for me, many thanks and all the best.


KCAT means to me a space where people come together to create beautiful things. This year KCAT was wonderful experience. Thank you and I hope to see everybody again.


… in KCAT the people are nice.


A teaching environment where I can spend a complete day

On drawing and painting, with tutors who are good at teaching Art. I also appreciate the amount of knowledge of art and enthusiasm for all art matters shown by the tutors

Open Studio Participant

It is a place where Artistic ideas are shared

Tea breaks, coffee and great craic with all involved. A place where imagination and creativity flourishes.

KCAT is a great social creative and therapeutic space diverse in people and cultures. A great place to be. A break from the Mundane.


Open Studio Participant

KCAT wraps itself around you like a warm comforting blanket.

It’s a place for me to be away from expectation.

It’s a wonderful space to be with like-minded people. I will never not have it in my life.

Somewhere I work very hard sometimes. It has given me different opportunities of things I would never do on my own. Meeting people is quite important to me.

KCAT is a wonderful social place, I have enjoyed some art courses. I liked the photography course too.


Hugs and Friendship….

Lovely, very happy….


Quiet and happy. Fun to live life and make friends


..Give me another ten years and I will be great. There’s company, learning a lot to take in it gives me something to get up for in the morning. I feel supported and I can ask for help.


The experience of learning from each other is powerful and inspirational and is one of the reasons I wanted to be in KCAT…

Staff member