Equinox Theatre Company presents “Memory Box”:


A fictional world, a fictional 1940s, an imagined country, a re-imagined war. Here, people with special powers are being hunted for what they can do, forced to wear a badge marking them out. Memory Box tells the gripping tale of an extraordinary man. His journey to escape the ‘regime’ armed only with his memories and examines our treatment of the vulnerable in society.

with Gary Comerford, Shane Byrne, Shile Hennessy, Amy McHardy, Belinda Henzey, Fintan Kelly, Maria Murray, John Paul Hearne

Directed by Medb Lambert

Produced by Anja Terpstra

Lighting Design by Eoin Winning

Costume by Deirdre O’Dwyer

Set Design by Paul Bokslag (&Gabriella Kiss??)

Music Composition and Sound design by Anthony Hanely

with special thanks to:

All at KCAT Arts Centre

Development supported by: Kilkenny County Council Arts Office, VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art and the Arts Council’s Arts and Disability Connect Scheme managed by Arts and Disability Ireland