KCAT in the Dublin Film Festival next Monday

Living Colour will screen at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival on Monday February 21st at 6:30 pm in the Irish Film Institute on Eustace Street.
Bookings can be made online here https://jdiff.ticketsolve.com/shows/126512375/events or over the phone at 01 6877974

Click on image for the Trailer for Living Colour from Éamon Little on Vimeo.

“Living Colour is a fascinating documentary and an intimate portrayal of a collective of extraordinary and idiosyncratic artists, a film which sheds new light on old questions about art, outsider art and the artistic impulse.

By spending much time in an artists’ studio with a difference at the Kilkenny Centre for Arts Talent (KCAT) in Callan, director Éamon Little delves into the world of the dozen or so artists who work there, all of whom comprise a very individual mix of artistic talent and special needs. But the KCAT studio operates with as little reference to needs as possible, focusing instead on ability and here, in an atmosphere refreshingly free of ego or commercial concerns, these colourful characters make their extraordinary creations, work to commissions and build towards exhibitions.

Living Colour is a fresh and emotionally stirring look at art and those who create it. Given that the artists have all, to one degree or another, special needs, the film could, in the hands of a lesser director become overly sentimental or clichéd.

Little, however, employs the deftest of touches to deliver a sumptuous film that is perfectly balanced yet still pays tribute to arts, the creative process and the artists involved.”

Colm McAuliffe,
Jameson Dublin International Film Festival