Karl’s Room

As part of the forthcoming Abhainn Rí Festival in Callan KCAT studio artist Karl Fitzgerald will present a stunning DVD, which beautifully captures a substantial body of work.

Time, space and calm are all factors in this installation as over a two hour period the viewer is given the chance to experience 365 paintings, and to indulge themselves in the softness of marks and the purposeful, graceful yet stimulating use of colour. With works referencing and echoing the ever-changing light and moods of the season, the balance and consideration of each piece is clear, yet this installation offers a new way to observe Fitzgerald’s work as one painting flows organically into the next to produce a fluid, dreamlike presentation.

Over the last ten years, Fitzgerald has worked diligently producing an impressive body of work, in his distinctive style, of almost exclusively abstract landscapes. Using acrylic paints in a translucent fashion, the artist layers washes of horizontal brush strokes across the page creating a strong sense of depth.
Each stroke is a significant reflection of the physical effort he has to put in to it.

Opening at 7pm Saturday 28th July

Venue: Old Co-op, Green Street, Callan
Dates: 28th July – 5th August 2012
Times: 11am – 5pm