KCAT is for Everybody

The learning programmes in KCAT are designed to be accessible to people of all races, genders, abilities and ages, they reflect our artist led and community based ethos. We have a wide selection of learning opportunities available so that every person can be involved in the arts.

There are year-long programmes, masterclass weekends, shorter evening courses and Open Studio settings. The aim is to offer personal support for each participant where positive transformative experiences can lead to a deepening of self-knowledge along with technical artistic skills. Our facilitators and professional collaborators are artists who have a  track record of excellence in their field and genuine excitement and dedication to working inclusively. We have a core panel of tutors, many of whom have been with KCAT from its inception twenty-one years ago. We also constantly recruit new tutors who share their expertise and practice with others to ensure learning is contemporary and current. Personal learning paths and progression opportunities can be discussed with our Centre Coordinator Caroline Loughman who has experience in understanding the educational needs of artists and creatives.

If you would like to know more or discuss options please give her a call on 0567706863 or caroline@kcat.ie, or fill in our Online Application Form
Please note: programmes will be run subject to a minimum number of enrolments.