Power : WE all come from somewhere

A Creative Europe Project Power: We All Come From Somewhere

4 European countries

4 inclusive theatre companies

4 international productions

1 play: We All Come From Somewhere

The POWER project is an international co-production between 4 European organisations who have significant experience in the facilitation, creation and production of inclusive theatre from Nazareno Cooperativo (Italy), THEAMA (Greece), Studio Citadela’s Bohnice Theatre Company (Czech Republic) and KCAT’s Equinox Theatre Company (Ireland).

These four organisations have come together to create a play aimed at children, young people and the elderly, drawing from each country’s experience and attitudes around their refugees and migrant population.

POWER addresses a major global picture, examining difference and prejudice through the lens of people who themselves are often ignored and marginalised.

We All Come From Somewhere is an international and multicultural theatre production looking at themes of migration, diversity and inclusion.

We All Come From Somewhere was written from interviews and testimonies of refugees in each partner country.

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