Declan Byrne

Declan has been working as an artist since 2004 and has created a remarkable body of work. 

His work takes inspiration from a wide variety of everyday objects. He transforms the world around him through detailed and clearly articulated compositions of built-up layers of drawing and painting. His paintings are rich and loaded with dence pattern and colour .The intricate and vivid detail in his canvases is echod in Declan’s more recent sculpture work, which is created from attaching carefully cut driedacrylic paint found in painting pallets to objects. For all artists art is a form of communication, and especially so for Declan. In art he has clearly found a way of communication. It is an outlet for his feelings and creative impulses, and the work does the talking. 

Declan has shown widely internationally, including in Luxembourg, Finland, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, The Netherlands and the UK. 

He has also shown in Ireland at the Kilkenny Arts Festival, Dublin City Council Offices, The Skibbereen Arts Festival and University College Cork. 

He has been involved in a number of exchange and engagements projects, including with Project Ability Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland and an exhibition at ATypical Gallery Belfast in Autumn 2021. 

Declan Byrne Retrospective, Glebe House, Kilfane, Co. Kilkenny. 2021

Selected Works