An Alternative History of Stone Age Man, according to Jack Foskin

Exhibition Opening
Wednesday 30 November 2011 – 6 pm
Waterford Central Library

An Alternative History of Stone Age Man, according to Jack Foskin

b. 1987 Waterford.

Jack Foskin is a native of Butlers town Co Waterford, and has pursued and developed his passion for art and creativity since he left school in 2003 . After studying at Grennan Mill Craft School, he furthered his learning in KCAT Art and Study Centre in Callan where he studied fine art on the full time art courses and developed his painting skills. In 2007 Jack joined the studio group in KCAT. Following the inclusion in a range of group shows, he is now very excited to present his latest body of work in a solo exhibition titled ‘An Alternative History of Stone Age Man according to Jack Foskin’  at Waterford Central Library.

Since joining the studio group Jack has developed his own unique style of painting which is unmistakably his. His combination of layers and washes with a thick, impasto application of acrylic paint makes key elements of his canvases richly textured and almost three dimensional.

The subject of Jacks painting are just as curious as his technique as he has created an alternative history of stone age man. In the paintings there are images of four eyed people in their everyday activities  such as hunting, fishing, dancing and the playing of musical instruments in celebration. In this exhibition there are large canvases depicting the native animals that the four eyed people hunted such as woolly rhinoceroses, elk, woolly mammoths, giant birds and fish. Jack has also devised a map of where these four eyed people live so the viewer can have a broader understanding of their existence.

This alternative world has slowly developed by Jack over the past 3 years, his imagination being fuelled by his love of comic books, graphic novels and science fiction novels. He has had a life time interest in history and anthropology and animal life. Other strong influences are tribal art and outsider art, all of which is visible in the Alternative History of Stone Age man.