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We believe that everyone, regardless of background, age, gender or ability should have access to a creative world – as student, participants, artists or audiences.


The Engagement Project

The Engagement Project 2014 – 2021

The Engagement Project


KCAT (Kilkenny Collective for Arts Talent) invited artists from around Ireland to collaborate with KCAT studio artists; to share ways of working and begin an artistic relationship. What emerged was creativity, openness and a tremendous amount of respect.

Artist pairings:

Sinead Fahey and Alan Courihan. Andrew Pike and Neven Lahart. Alastair Maclennon and Declan Byrne. Margaret Walker and Anna Spearman. Sinead Keogh and Dianna Chambers. Eileen Mulrooney and Mary Ann Gelly. Dominic Thorp and Fergus Fitzgerald. Saturio Alonso and Francis Casey. Jason Turner and Racheal Parry. Lorna Corrigan and Steven Alyin. Gyspy Ray and Thomas Barron. Paul Mose and Mary Cody.


The Power Project

A Creative Europe Project: 2021

We All Come From Somewhere 


In 2018 KCAT’s Equinox Theatre was invited to be one of four participants in the Creative Europe Power Project.  

This project, led by Cooperative Nazareno identified in performing arts, especially theatre, a universal instrument towards barrier-free communication, able to catch different target groups and to reach wide audience. In particular, the aim was to involve socially vulnerable people, such as disabled and migrant disabled people, in the production of a theater performance.  

This extraordinary filmed performance tells the story of human migration. A parent and child forced out of their own home. A parent trying to explain why. Created by Nazareno Cooperative (Italy), KCAT Arts Centre (Ireland), Studio Citadela (Czech Rep) and THEAMA – Inclusive Theatre for the Disabled (Greece) – this one of a kind collaboration was born from a theatrical work by disabled artists /artists with a disability that addressed the current migrant crisis and was written from interviews with refugees in Italy, Greece, Czech Rep. and Ireland. The play received its world premiére in Prague in Jan 2020 – when the Covid crisis hit the project was forced to pivot. 

We All Come From Somewhere received its Irish Premiere at The Watergate Theatre, Kilkenny on 27th November 2021 and is available to view online now.