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KCAT End of Year Student Show

If you go to one exhibition this year let it be the KCAT End of Year student show.

Over a hundred students of various art disciplines under one roof.This is a celebration of the most eclectic group of artists in Kilkenny. The work on show is diverse in theme and technique, full of colour, vibrancy and individuality.An encounter with an absorbing and enjoyable collection is promised.

Callan will be

A look back on the Callan++500 Project

the story of a social choreography.
callan++500 was a collaboration between KCAT Artists and TYP students of Colaiste Eaman Ris the local boys secondary school.
working together to make art on the theme of callan 500 years in the future
working together to make an exhibition in the school
working together to offer a social living room of the future to the town of callan

total social science fiction

supported by arts council artist in the community scheme managed by CREATE

social choreography by jeffrey gormly jeffreyvgormly@yahoo.ie

music credits @ www.mixcloud.com/freshdjfresh