Engagement Project

 Engagement is a process driven project aiming to match individual Studio artists with fellow professionals working in Ireland to develop creative collaborative partnerships.

The manner in which this manifests itself, progresses, and indeed any product produced will depend entirely upon the relationship between the two artists involved. The Engagement project is not a mentoring project. Mentoring suggests an unequality of status, degree of status or experience difference.  The ethos of Engagement is one of sharing and learning from each other.

The project aims to involve all current 14 Studio Artists over a 3 to 4 year period and will culminate in an exhibition to be curated by Catherine Marshall, at a high profile public venue.  We are keen to promote the Engagement to a wide public and professional audience with a view to disseminating the equality of participation. Ideally this would be through a touring exhibition to at least 5 centres throughout Ireland (including Northern-Ireland).  We would see the education value in promoting collaborative practice as a method of continuous professional artistic development as an alternative to the traditional mentoring process.  Presentations to final-year Degree and MA level students and other interested parties would be part of the dissemination objective.


These photographs were taken during the recent visit by artists who responded with interest to an open call for involvement in the ‘Engagement’ project. On the day KCAT Studio artists presented their work to the visiting artists who then in turn, introduced themselves and their work.

Engagement Launch / Mary Cody & Paul Mosse at Visual, Carlow

The ‘Engagement’ project was launched officially by Catherine Marshall on Friday July 4th 2014, as described above the project will involve a coming together of creativity and curiosity, where artists will work alongside each other in whichever way they choose. The launch coincided with the opening bout of collaboration with a stunning exhibition of work by Mary Cody and Paul Mosse, as they begin their journey within ‘Engagement’.

Paul Mosse and Mary Cody have been making their own artwork for many years. They are both artists who struggle to find the truthful expression of their experience of the world. Paul is a familiar figure with work in the main public and many of the private collections in the country, while Mary is relatively unknown but no less dedicated and prolific. Neither artist takes the easy route to success or public recognition.  Despite considerable critical success at important early stages in his career, Paul Mosse opted to challenge both himself and those who admire his work by making artwork that defies definition as painting or sculpture, as much as it challenges simplistic optimism about modernity and the future of the planet. Mary Cody’s work on the other hand, emerged from the supportive and encouraging background of the KCAT studio. She shares with Paul a fascination with the natural world and how that world was constructed.

Not content to rest on what they have already achieved each artist is constantly looking in new directions. While Paul’s work has moved off the wall and onto the table or even the floor, Mary, having seen his work, reached for new materials, in her case balls of wool, to create a new structure for her paintings, which increasingly spread and flow, floorward, spilling down from the canvas support, into the world beyond. For his part, Paul is interested to see where the solid clusters and blocks of paint residues from Mary’s work will lead to from here, if not in her work, then perhaps in some subliminal way in his.