We have made it very easy for you to give in a variety of ways

All donations are very welcome and help us develop opportunities for our students, CLICK HERE to donate or pay for an artwork

You can also help in specific ways here:


*  Charity Tax Back – Give again for free… all that’s required is a few moments of your time. With your help KCAT can claim 45% refund from Revenue on donations from supporters like you who give €250 or more in any given year.  Download and complete a CHY3 enduring form today.

Regular giving

When we know your support comes every month, it allows the organisation as a whole to grow and develop. It allows us to offer a full range of open access opportunities. Regular giving of €25 a month or more will qualify you for tax relief*

I want to give €25 a month

Legacy giving

When we know that a legacy donation will become available to us in future years it allows us to make long-term commitments. Planning simple necessary things like major repairs and more exciting things such as developing  new inclusive programs that require capital investment, we dream about expanding dance and venture into music.. Please contact Anja 056-7706863 or anja@kcat.ie

How can you contribute to KCAT ?

KCAT is always very grateful for the help and contributions from all those around us in the form of:

  • Volunteering for festivals, celebrations or openings
  • Sharing your knowledge or skills  eg. Fundraising
  • Networking with other agencies

More and more, we have become dependent on public support for our projects, providing us with structural needs and materials, or manpower skills.

If you want to explore other ways of support please contact Anja 056-7706863 or anja@kcat.ie