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Hello KCAT artist! We miss you, but we can still do artwork while we are away from each other and we will be in contact with you as much as possible

Sketch Club

Follow these steps below to join the KCAT sketch club


Step One  

Get your art stuff together

You will need – 

  • a sketchbook
  • drawing pencils 
  • paint
  • brushes

Step Two  

Join your WhatsApp group 

You may need help with this step, 

Contact Alice in KCAT   alice@kcat.ie

Give permission to Alice to add your mobile phone number to your group  

Download the WhatsApp App on your smart phone.  


Step Three   


Your KCAT facilitator will send you a message on WhatsApp to join the club 

Draw or paint a page in your sketchbook. 

Take twenty minutes to do it. Put a timer on.  

Step Four   


When you have done your page, take a photograph of it. 

Share the photo to your WhatsApp group.  

  We hope you can join the club, be safe and stay well and don’t stop making your art! 

ZOOM Links

You will need to download the zoom app first here if you don’t already have it:

https://zoom.us/download –

Now just click on the link – it will ask if you want to open zoom.us 

Click ok and you should be in the zoom automatically. 

Wednesday Morning Open Movement Session with Cindy

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Friday Open Studio

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Thursday Open Studio

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Wednesday Open Studio

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Thursday Acting Course

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A bit of inspiration

Need some positivity this January? Lift your spirits with Little Cog’s heartwarming short film Funny Peculiar (★★★★ The Stage), which follows 4 disabled women in quarantine who refuse to be defeated by lockdown gloom.


And now a selection of videos and links to artists discussing how they depict the places of interest to them


Danish artist Tal R discusses a body of work he made about Copenhagen

More info of Tal R’s work here

George Shaw

Here English artist George Shaw talks about the paintings he makes of his home town Coventry

More info on George Shaw’s work here

Sol Calero

In this video Venezuelan artist Sol Calero talks about depicting the space between our expectations and experience of places we visit.

More info on Sol Calero here

Josephine Halvorson

American artist Josephine Halvorson paints the small details of her world that commonly go unnoticed


more info on Josephine Halvorson here

Julie Merutu

Ethiopian / American artist Julie Merutu talks about the effect political history has on how we view landscapes in this video.

more info on Julie Merutu here

Cui Jie

Cui Jie’s paintings are based on the architectural landscapes of the 3 major Chinese cities she has lived in, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Beijing.

Images and info on her work here