Dance Lab 

September 2018 to May 2019

Fridays 10.00 am to 4.30pm

This course is a practical introduction to a range of movement and creative dance methods. Designed and coordinated by Susie Lamb and taught by a panel of guest teachers. Emphasis is placed on creating dances, individually and as a group.

No knowledge of steps and sequences is necessary. The Lab is a relaxed and playful space where participants learn to make solo and group pieces, creating dances and building group performance skills. Over the year participants gain support and direction in their personal development as dancers.


Benefits include:

Increased fitness and flexibility

Group skills and confidence

Improved balance and Co –Ordination

What students say?

‘This experience has given me so much more confidence , not only in realising I can move and be flexible in ways I never thought possible, but also I have more confidence with regard to my body image, ’Remi

Susie Lamb has taught movement and dance to children, community groups, active retirement groups and actors in a variety of settings. She holds an M.A. in dance from the University of Limerick, an Advanced Diploma in dancing The Rainbow, and a Diploma in Acting from the Gaiety School of Acting.

Cost: €775/875

Contact Alice at 056-7706863/056-7755115 or, or fill in our Online Application Form