Equinox Theatre Company presents

The M House  
A play for anyone who’s ever been stuck in a box. #TheMHouse
M House

We live in the M House. This is a play about us.

All our names begin with M here. 

There’s Malcolm, Melissa, Max, Mary, Marcie, Michael and Malcolm.

That’s sort of all we have in common. We get on great most of the time.

Sometimes we even have a great laugh.

Mind you, the building would fall down without us.       

One day, it does.

This is a play, in a theatre about our adventures together.

VISUAL, Carlow

Thursday March 30th, 2pm

Friday March 31st, 8pm

Tickets: €12/10

Bookings:  059 917 2400 | www.visualcarlow.ie


Wednesday, 5th April,11.30am

Tickets: €12/10

Bookings: 061 953400 | www.limetreetheatre.ie


Wednesday, 26th April, 2pm

Thursday, 27th April, 8pm

Tickets: €12/10

Bookings: 056 7761674 | watergatetheatre.com

DROICHEAD Stockwell St, Drogheda

Wednesday, 10th May, 8.30pm

Thursday, 11th May,11.30am

Tickets: €12/10

Bookings: 041 9833946 | www.droichead.com

These will all be relaxed performances.  Everyone is welcome regardless of what letter your name begins with. This means:

  • It’s not too dark in the theatre
  • We won’t play the music too loud
  • You can come in and out if you really need to
  • You can move around a little and do what you need to do to feel comfortable at the show
  • It’s ok if you need to make a little noise too
  • For deaf or hearing impaired audience members we’ve put surtitles on the whole show.

The making of the M house